About Me
    I am an IT professional with a Bachelors of Science in Information Technology at The Florida State University.  I've been a hard worker for nearly 10 years now in a multitude of professions from electrical work and carpentry, to systems administration and technical support.

    In the technical field, I've had approximately 2 years of real-world experience from a plethora of internships and positions with non-profits, private sector, and state and nationwide organizations.  I've consulted and implemented technical solutions for both companies and non-profits such as the Challenger Learning Center and the Children's Campaign, Inc.

    To know what kind of employee I'll be, let me tell you a bit about myself.  I was born in Memphis, Tennessee and lived everywhere from Alaska to Massachusetts, living the past 13 years in Florida.  Living in Orange Springs, Fl., we were a close knit community as the town was very small.  We all did our parts for the town and churches as well as for our neighbors, assisting with volunteering at the local community center to assisting families in need of food or small repair and yard work.  I grew up with the mentality 'work smarter, not harder'; a phrase I first heard from my father and since has become my motto.  

    Growing up I didn't have a lot of time to play with computers or even get too familiar with them as I was always tending to the animals on our farm, or having fun with friends at the riverbank.  I was put into a gifted program in elementary school through junior high to fast track my learning of higher mathematics and foreign languages at a young age.  Once I reached high school I began the International Baccalaureate program, a highly competitive and highly thought provoking program; which gave me a drive for knowledge and an amazing perspective on troubleshooting while thinking outside the box.  Going to The Florida State University, I began in the pre-med field, looking to become a doctor but found my heart wasn't into it.  Then my friend suggested I look into IT and instantly fell in love with the ever-changing world of technology.  It seemed to astound me with the intricacies of systems and networks; and intrigue my never-ending interest of discovering how things work.

    Overall: my life, family, and friends have all molded and inspired me to be the individual I am today; a critical thinking, intelligent, and curious man with a work ethic I'm sure my father would be proud of.  I would love to show how my skills and commitment to my responsibilities would benefit your company.